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March 14th, 2017

Dear users of k2pdfopt GUI,

In roughly 3 month, this website will be deleted and can then no longer be visited. This is a consequence of my status, as indicated by the beginning of the URL, changing.

At his point in time, I do not have an alternative place to host the software, but you can find multiple mirrors on different sites like Softpedia.

Anyway, despite having done no actual work on this project for a very long time now, I want to thank you for your interest and I wish you all the best.

- Jens

October 10th, 2013

I noticed that Willus' website is currently down. I am not hosting k2pdfopt
on this site here.

For contact with Willus and download-links for k2pdfopt please head over to

There are download links for some versions in this post, and if you need more, you can
probably ask Willus to update this post.


Regarding my GUI: I am currently not working on a new version. The reasons are, that
first I have very little time due to other projects and second that with k2pdfopt v2+ the
demand for a 3rd party graphical user interface has dwindled notably (which is under-
standable). You should be able to use GUI version with k2pdfopt v2+ just fine
if you like multicore processing. Aside from that I was planning to implement the preview
function of k2pdfopt v2 in my GUI as well since Willus was so kind to provide the means
for it (and a way to get rid of the..i guess it makes it 4th party... pdf library again.

But my motivation is quite low currently especially with the number of users pretty much
down to a quarter or something.

If you have any wishes for future functions I can implement in the GUI, please feel free to
send me a message (E-Mail, Through the GUI, Twitter @keex0r).

Best wishes

September 1st, 2013

I finally got around to fixing the various bugs I mentioned earlier this week. Therefore
I am releasing version of the GUI today which hopefully is a good step towards
a smoother performance. Apart from making the multicore part more stable I have good
news for all my Asian visitors since you are now able to convert files with "Asian letters"
(sorry..) directly without renaming them.

Changelog version

If something doesn't work properly, just drop me a message and I'll look into it. Have fun
with the new version.

Download version

- Jens

August 28th, 2013

Well, it's been a while again since the last update. I just wanted to clear a few things
up in kind of a frequently-asked questions-style. Oh and by the way, thank you all
for reporting bugs in the program. I always try to answer your questions as quickly
as possible but it may take a few days from time to time.
So, let's begin:

"I am a bit reluctant to start this endeavour though. I can't really invest a lot of time into the project due to other reponsibilities and if I were to make translations I could only do German and English on my part. This doesn't help a lot of people so I would need to involve other people. This is where the thing gets tricky. I would not only need to find helpful persons like you who would translate the program and all the commands but I would also need to coordinate the efforts, organize proof reading (this is the internet, after all ;-)) and the like.
You kind of open up another box of the pandora with involvement of others. Also there isn't a community in anyway around this project so it would be near impossible to find capable translators (other than Chinese :)).

The GUI can be translated in parts today anyway. All the commands can be freely changed to any language one likes. Just copy the default.ini to another filename (default.ini should not be changed directly because it will be overwritten on updates) and edit away. There is an explanation in the readme file. I would publish other profiles on my site happily."
- Myself, August 14th, 2013

So the important question is "When?!". Since all Duke Nukem Forever jokes don't
work anymore I will just say "When it's done, probably before Half Life 3 is released."
No, I frankly don't know exactly. I'm working a lot on other more serious projects at
work so I'm not exactly overly motivated to use the weekend for the GUI but maybe
I'll get to it in the next days. The fixes shouldn't take too long to implement anyways.

So, stay tuned, just check for updates from time to time and you'll see.
Have a nice time and thanks for reading this wall of text. Here have a kitten:


July 6th, 2013

version is ready for release in my opinion. It contains a cool new feature:
As teased before the conversion process now utilizes multi-core processors by
launching multiple instances of k2pdfopt and thus greatly improving conversion
speed. Unfortunately I noticed a bug in my automatic updater which leads to you
being unable to use it (the extraction process may fail and I did not yet implement
a function for updating the updater, doh'). Therefore you need to download the
file here.

Patch notes for version

There are some issues with .DjVu files because it seems I can't reliably determine
the number of pages of the file in some cases which can lead to unfortunatly balanced
workloads for different processes. Can't really help this at this point but that's the way
it is..

It would be cool to hear from you if the multicore processing improved the speed
for you and if you ran into any troubles.

Long story short (hooray for ziplining!), here is the file, have fun:

Download version

Best wishes

July 4th, 2013

Hi all,
some news about an upcoming feature. It will be possible to use multithreading in
the conversion process to improve the conversion speed of larger documents.
In my preliminary tests (actually it's pretty much ready) this measure is cutting the
time for a conversion by over 50% on my quad-core which is really great in my

So keep checking for updates either here or with the software. I think the update
will be released pretty soon.

And since I just noticed the date, happy Independence Day to my friends in the
USA :-)

Best regards

June 26th, 2013

just as a quick note about server uptime/stability:

I'm trying to keep the update/feedback server running as well as I can. The problem
is, that it is not a professionally run server but merely a PC with my software on it.
That PC might need to be restarted from time to time and can also experience net-
work problems. Usually I try to start the server on another PC before I shut down
the first to avoid any downtime. When I can't really anticipate are bugs in the soft-
ware that shut it down. There should be only few but one anywhere under rare
circumstances is enough and it can take a while for me to notice that the server has
The quintessence from all this is: There might be times when the server is down. So
in that case just try again later.

Best regards

June 23rd, 2013

For those who are interested, I just uploaded the source code of version
To quote myself (frmMain.vb):

'* If you like to use the code, it's fine by me. The methods applied here
'* are quite universal for GUI applications, so even if you don't use
'* the code to make an improved and/or adjusted GUI for k2pdfopt it might
'* come in handy.
'* If you use large portions of my code it would be honest of you to credit
'* me for it. It would also be nice to hear from your projects and I'm
'* of course always open for suggested improvements, since I'm sure there
'* are lots.
'* Anyway, have fun with the code. I'm aware it's not well commented but
'* every class at least contains a little introduction part like this one.
'* Best regards
'* Jens Wallauer, Marburg, Germany, 23.06.2013

Download Source Code v2.0.1.0

June 22nd, 2013

Today I'm releasing version of k2pdfopt GUI. This version includes the announced improvements of the
online features, bugfixes and a new default.ini that provides (hopefully) all the features of k2pdfopt v1.65.
It is now possible to automatically update the GUI to the latest version. To achieve this the GUI downloads the
latest version as a .tar.gz archive from my server. The GUI then closes itself and starts an updater (k2updater.exe)
that extracts the new version into the old application folder. You can then restart k2pdfopt GUI.

Please note: The options you set in the option dialog will be reverted to default values, since I can not guarantee
that the config.ini of the new version is compatible to the old. You therefore need to reenter the path to k2pdfopt
and the Tesseract language file folder after the update.

You can furthermore download the latest default.ini from the update-dialog in the GUI. The commands will be
installed automatically.
Please note: You need to reload the default options from "Tools->Profiles->Load default commands" or
merge the new defaults with your current profile (same menu) in order to see the new commands.

I would conclude the update notes as follows:

That should be about it. Please let me know if anything doesn't work as it should or if you miss any

Best wishes

Download version

June 19th, 2013


I'm currently working on an updated Update-process and a more reliable server. I will handle feedback and updates
with the same server from then on, so it makes it much easier for all of us. There are also a few other bugfixes in the
update. I also want to go over the default options to include changes in k2pdfopt.

I can't tell when it will be done, but I think "soon" is the correct word.

Please keep sending me bug reports and your opinions. This helps a great deal in improving the program.

All the best

June 15th, 2013

So it's finally here. The all new version 2.0 of k2pdfopt GUI!

It has all the features of the old 1.x versions, with less weaknesses and even more functions!

Update notes:

Please read the ReadMe.txt included in the archive for further information or drop me a message :-)

Please note: This is the initial release of a complete rewrite, so there will be bugs I haven't found yet. If you inform
me, I can fix them asap. :-)
If the Feedback function does not work for you, you might be behind a firewall or a proxy server which interfers with
the connecting. I can't really fix that for you. The connection is established on port 9978, so you can try a port forward
or you have to just write me an E-Mail. Sorry for this.

I hope you enjoy the new version!

Best wishes

Download version
The source code will be published in the near future.

June 10th, 2013

I have two screenshots of the new version 2.0 of the GUI. The basic program is pretty much complete, what I need
to do now is add all features of k2pdfopt to it. This shouldn't take too long but it's still a tedious piece of work so I
guess in best tradition it's done when it's done.

Take care!

June 9th, 2013

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that I am currently working on a complete rewrite of the GUI. While it shouldn't change
that much in regard to the interface, it will be much more flexible. Advanced users will be able to fully customize the
available commands (either through an .ini file or another little tool, I haven't decided yet). This also enables me to add
new features of k2pdfopt much easier.

Profiles from then on will be saved in terms of the included commands as well. So you can make a profile that only shows
your most important options for example. I think I will also include a kind of "Merge profiles" function though, which will
let you add the newest default options to existing profiles. The whole system may be a little less intuitive to use, but for
most users it should not pose a big difference to how profiles have worked in the past.

No screenshots yet, but you can look forward to it.

Best regards


April 11th, 2013

Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash on Windows XP (and possibly on other Windows versions as well).

Download version 1.04.2
Download version 1.04.2 Source Code


April 7th, 2013

Well, turned out I got a little bug in the version released yesterday that prevented the new options from working correctly.
I fixed it, now they should be working properly.

Download version 1.04.1
Download version 1.04.1 Source Code


April 6th, 2013

In this update I finally present a new version of the GUI, 1.04. It includes a few improvements. It now supports the OCR
functions introduced in k2pdfopt 1.5. In order to use the Tessaract OCR engine you have to download and extract the
Tessaract language files. Click on the respective button in the GUI and choose the language of your document. The down-
load is started through your webbrowser. (As a reminder: The GUI does still not contain any network functions. If you
notice that it does, please do not use your version of the program but redownload it on this site. Your version might have
been compromised by malware.
After the download extract the archive to a location of your choice and select the base folder (which contains the tessdata
subfolder) in the GUI. You can then use the Tessaract engine of k2pdfopt. Environment variables are set accordingly and
automatically (this part needs administrator rights).
Two other functions (erase vertical lines and resize images to fit the output) were also added. Keep in mind that you can
always use additional, unsupported options through the "additional command line options" input box in the GUI.
If a new version of k2pdfopt is released and you are sick of the GUI complaining about the unsupported version, you may
add the filesize in bytes as a new key to the supportedfilesizes.ini with whatever key you like (e.g. Whatever=236512365).
If you miss any important options, please send me a message and I can add the respective option.

Best regards

Download version 1.04
Download version 1.04 Source Code


January 24th, 2013

In this update I am releasing the source code of k2pdfoptgui. As you might have noticed, in the last few month I couldn't find
a lot of time to work on the project and therefore everything kind of stalled. When a user of the program asked me if I would
consider releasing the source code, I saw that nothing really speaks against that.
Be warned that the code itself isn't really pretty...but it works, doesn't it.

Please read the README.txt included in the archive.

Best regards


September 19th, 2012

As promised, I just uploaded a new version of the GUI, which can be used without drama with k2pdfopt v1.50. Please note,
that none of the new features are supported yet. I just modified the program to work with the new version.
But you will still find two new features: first, you can now drag&drop files you wish to convert into the List, and second I added
the "additional options" bar, which is a dirty workaround to allow you to use new features of k2pdfopt with the older version of the
GUI. Find the download below.

Best wishes


September 19th, 2012

Hello. Just wanted to inform you, that I will try to fit in the changes that k2pdfopt version 1.50 brought in due time.
I am currently very busy at work so I don't know when I'll come around to building a new version.
I will however upload a version that allows you to use the new k2pdfopt version with the GUI tonight, though without any
of the new features. This would go as pretty unsupported though, since I won't have checked, if there have been changes to
the old command line options. Additionally I can put in something like "additional options" where you can put in the command
line options for new features by hand as a workaround.

All the best



Attention: The base program, k2pdfopt, is NOT included in the archives. Please download it from the author's website

You may also need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Disclaimer: This software, k2pdfopt GUI, is provided as is and free of charge. Use at your own risk.
I do not take responsibility for any damage to your hard- and/or software caused by the

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